In another installment of The Treehouse of Horror.



Set on a dark, stormy night the screen zoooms into Ned Flanders house where the viewers are led into the Rumpus Room where Rod and Todd, both dressed as vampires open a secret door behind the bar. It leads into a gloomy lair where Ned dressed as the Phantom of The Opera plays a spooky tune on the organ. Then a huge swarm of bats fly out of the pipes. With a wave of Neds hand then a set of knives go flying to Homer, who's chained to the wall, and stab him to death. His blood spells out Treehouse of Horror XXXX.

Home Wrecker Edit

Late one night in Buster's burrow, Buster is trying to sleep, as a bunch of steel bars come crashing down on everything in his room. Buster is oblivious to the bars crashing down into his burrow, as he walks half-asleep a small distance to turn off a dripping faucet, which gets crushed by a steel bar as soon as he does. He crawls back into bed, narrowly avoiding plummeting steel bars, and tries to get some sleep. Two flies buzz into Buster's ear, so he knocks them out of it, waking him up in the process to finally realize that someone is building something on his property. Montana Max is building a summer house right on top of Buster's burrow and the annoyed blue bunny greatly protests against it. Monty tells Buster that he owns the surrounding land now and shows him the deed to prove it, but Buster folds the deed like a paper airplane with a stick of dynamite inside it and lights it.

The dynamite explodes in Monty's face, and Buster responds, "It would take a crane to move me, Monty." Montana Max uses the crane that was being used to help build the house to toss Buster through the air and several hundreds of feet away. Buster returns and sets up a lawn chair, refusing to move. Monty uses the crane to drop his newly built summer house directly on top of him, which appears to have crushed the blue bunny, as Monty suddenly worries that he might have accidentally killed him. Monty fears that if anyone finds out, he could go to prison forever. Fortunately for him, there were no witnesses, so Monty thinks he is in the clear.

Monty decides to relax in his newly built summer house, plopping down on the couch to watch some television, as he laughs and states, "Buster's deader than a doornail." He turns on the television, but the first image that he sees is Buster (who has a glowing, sparkling outline around him) on the screen, causing him to scream, turn the television off and hide under a cushion. He then hears someone making a mess in his kitchen and immediately goes to check it out. He sees that there are rabbit footprints (caused from a spilled beverage in the opened refrigerator) and walks up the wall to follow them. Buster is on the ceiling and asks him, "What's down, doc?" Monty is shocked and thinks Buster has come back to haunt him. Buster scares Monty so bad that it sends him soaring through the roof and into the sky, as Monty desperately hopes that he lands in the pool. Monty does land in the pool, however, Buster had just drained it, causing the spoiled rich brat to slam into the emptied pool's concrete.

Monty hears his harp being played from another room and investigates, finding Buster playing it, who taunts him by telling him that he's going to live with him for the rest of his afterlife. Monty traps Buster in a box, encases it in cement and dumps it in the river, only to return home to find Buster already there and totally unharmed. Monty searches in his closet for his Acme Ghost Sucker vacuum, which will suck up anything, and he tries to use it to suck up Buster. Buster flees and the vacuum sucks up the entire house and everything in it instead, as Monty cries in despair, realizing his summer house is gone. Buster reveals to Monty that he is still alive (dusting himself off and knocking the glowing, sparkling outline off of him) and was merely acting like a ghost. Monty throws a temper tantrum and Buster (sitting back in the lawn chair) replies, "You know, I just can't stand to hear a rich kid cry." He puts on a pair of headphones with the music up high, toning out the whining Monty.

Daniel Webfoot and the Devil

Plucky, as Daniel Webfoot, heads to Montana Max's mansion to confront Satan and bring judgement to Monty, but his plan backfires.

Dizzy SpellsEdit

At the Womens book club Helen complains that Marges pearls are boring so Marge buys a new Ruby Necklace from an Alley Way store. During the night she gains special powers and turns into a witch. She meets Helen, Agnes and Luanne who are also witches and all fly off together. Pelicano and Chum Chum find the witches and decide to burnt them all on a bonfire.

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