The family sit down to watch a halloween show. As Homer and Bart fight for the remote, the channel constantly changes as they press buttons. The TV explodes sending shards of glass into homer and bart. Thier gut's splurt blood out onto the floor spelling "The Simpsons Treehouse of horror XXV"

Sisatron 2000 knows bestEdit

The Family is walking along the street when they look into a store window and see robots that look just like Lisa. They walk in and see how much they cost. The salesman says it,s free-if they only sell Lisa for one. The Family looks at Lisa,then the salesman,then Lisa again. Scene Cuts to Lisa being thrown into a Little dark cell with several other kids. The Family happily leaves The store with a Robot. At Home,They Turn it on and at first,it acts Just like Lisa. But one night,while the robot is sleeping in Lisa,s Room,a Lightning storm hits,causing a lightning bolt to hit the robot,making her evil. The next morning,she starts acting strangely and then she turns against the Family. Back at the cell,Lisa,s "Family" Senses tingle,giving her strength to break down the locked steel door. She then runs off,knowing her Family is in danger. Cut to the Simpsons being tied in ropes over a pit of Lava. "Sisatron" laughs Evily and everyone thinks it,s the end when Lisa breaks thru the wall. Homer is both Happy and Mad at her. Sisatron and Lisa battle and after a long fight,Lisa is also tied up. Bart forces Sisatron to Let her go,but Sisatron just calls him a "Sissy". Lisa then says "Nobody calls my brother a Sissy" and Breaks free of her ropes. Her strength also makes her to succeed to leap towards the edge of the lava pit and she ends up without one single Flame on her clothes. She grabs some of her equipment from her room but they fail,but then grabs a water gun And sprays Sisatron,shocking her and causing her to fall into the lava pit. Everyone cheers as Lisa closes the Lava Pit and untied everyone. However,she,s still mad at them and for punishment,they have to be her servants for a whole month. (NOTE: This episode Was first reflected on in the Jimmy neutron episode "Maternotron Knows best")

The Curse of the HooverEdit

Marge, while at a market in Springfield finds a hoover on sale at a very low price. She immidiatly takes the product, but the salesperson warns of a terrible curse. Marge ignores this and tests the hoover at home. She immidiatly realises something is wrong when she Hoovers up Bart's litter and comes home to find he has gone crazy. Marge decides to throw the hoover away, but it turns it's self on in the dump and controls itself, sucking up peoples rubbush. Soon, Snake jailbird, mayor quimby, barney gumble, Duffman, Grampa simpson and Milhouse have each respectivly gone crazy, so marge sets out to destroy the hoover. Marge manages to kill it, but not before it hoovers up her hair. The episode ends with Marge crashing through the window in a crazed state and Homer crying with happiness claiming "she's just like me now..."


Set many years in the future and starring Robot versions of Bart and Homer, the two set out to find the spaceship blasting off for another planet. As shown via flashback, Bart and Homer Destroyed earth by blowing up Lisa's room for revenge as she had told on Bart in school, so they had been banned from the spaceship saving them. They try to climb over the Wreck of springfield, but Homer's robot is seemingly crushed when he tries to get a donut from Lard Lad's and he giant statue falls on him. Bart continues alone and collects many items during the journey, including his old slingshot and one of terri's bras (who he claims to fancy.) He finds the rocket taking off and is seemingly doomed but Homer has used "the power of donuts" to fly and collect Bart. Unfortunatly the segment ends with them hitting the rocket and bringing it crashing back to earth on top of them, dooming them and mankind.


Sisatron 2000: Hey Bart,you look like you need some help with your math homework. Can I Help?

Bart: Um,Actually "Sis",I don't think you can do any-

Sisatron 2000: (writing down) 53,9,1200,47,84 and a half and 9 Quintillion Angles.

Bart: Wow! "Sis",You're amazing!

(Scene cuts to school the next Day. Bart is in the Principal,s office)

Bart: But I,m Telling You! They're Correct! I Traded my sister for an extremely smart robot!

Skinner: Uh Huh. Your "Real Sister" was smart too.

Bart: Yeah,but Did she know that there were 6 dimensions in a diamond? Oh,and how about that the temporary angles of a regular shape circuit was curved and not straight? Or how about-

(Skinner sighs as Bart speaks on)

Bart: -Died in 1621?

Sisatron: (After she is hit with Lightning) Circuits spinning,modes Pulsing,switching to bossy...Must attack Simpsons!

(Lisa is lying in the floor in the cell depressed when she suddenly springs up)

Lisa: My Family senses are Tingling! They Need my Help! hold on Guys! (Strains herself for a second,then jumps up a tall staircase and breaks down the steel Door) YAAH!

Kids: YAAAY! (Run out of the cell)

Salesman: Hey,Girly! You can't do That!

(Lisa Throws a can of Hair conditioner at his eye,making it a Black eye)

Salesman: OW! (Lisa Runs outside)

Lisa: (Runs outside and looks both ways then squints her eyes) Now I Will Save my family (Screen closes in on her face and fire crackles behind her and heroic music plays while she holds up her fist).

Lisa: (Breaks thru the wall) keep an arm off my family,you Big Yellow pile of metal!

Homer: Lisa! I,m so Happy to see you...and Mad too! That wall cost a 1000 Dollars to repaint! Oh well,I guess that,s not the topic right now...

Everyone: Yay for Lisa! (Lisa Unties everyone one by one,first Homer,Then Maggie,Then Marge,Then Bart)

Bart: Yahoo! Nobody controls Bartholomew Simpson!

Lisa: Oh,I wouldn't say that... (Grins Evily and aims the water gun at them)

(Everyone looks at the viewer,worried)

(Scene turns black. A Voice is heard. It is Bart)

Bart: Ahem. (It is revealed to be a closed eye. It opens up,revealing Bart with a platter of lemonade) Your Lemonade,Ma'am (Ma'am is said in a slightly annoyed voice).

(Scene Reveals to be everyone pampering Lisa. Homer and Marge are fanning Lisa. Maggie is massaging her shoulders using cream. They all Look annoyed. Including Bart)

Lisa: (Yawns) Thanks,Bart. (Looks at Homer and Marge) And Fan Faster! I,ve Got TWENTY EIGHT More Days of Being "The Queen". (Slurps her Lemonade)

Marge: wow! what a price! I'll take this hoover!

Salesperson: (with thick british accent) Sold. but i must warn you, this hoover contains a dark secret that could endanger the existence of manki--

Homer: listen 00-Jerk! Give her the hoover!

Salesperson: do you expect me to talk?

Homer: no. I expect you to shut the hell up!

Marge: (crashes through window) BLAUURGHLINGFHLOOT!

Lisa (sees homer crying): don't worry Dad. we'll get her back to normal...

Homer: (SOBS) she's more like me than i could ever imagine... WOO HOO!

Robot Homer: hey boy. watch me get this donut... mmm... donut

Robot Bart: dare you to burp real loud after you finish it...

Robot Homer: already doing it. BUUURRRPPP! (the lard lad sign falls on him...)

Robot Bart: looks like FATima wasn't fast enough...

Robot bart: (finds terri's bra) Wow... i'll keep this for... later.

(tumbleweed rolls by)

Robot Bart: hey! don't judge me!

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