Treehouse of Horror XXXII is the 32nd installment of The Treehouse of Horror Series where Bart gets Cryogenically Frozen and ends up in a world where Now Nelson Muntz is Mayor of the town in 'You don't have to wait for the future',Homer gets a job as a night-time pizza boy in 'Pizza Mutations' and The town is attacked by Evil Hats in 'When Hats Attack',


Milhouse rushes into the Simpsons,s living room and the couch is not there so he manages to write "Treehouse of Horror XXXII" with Blood using an Icing Bag,but only can write "Treehouse of Hor" before he is pulled away by a bony hand. Bart rushes in with an Icing bag full of blood too and finishes off Milhouse,s Message,before he runs out of the living room.

You Don't Have to wait for the futureEdit

After Professor Frink,s Latest invention,a Motion activated Robot butler,explodes,he gives up mad science and tries to look for a new job. He tries to be a Cashier at a fast food restaurant,a Photographer at The photo palace and a Librarian at the Public Library,but he is fired at every job because at each job,he makes something explode. He is finally offered a job at the Springfield Cyrogenic Freezer Department and he is successful the first 6 days. But on the 7th day,The Simpsons come To look at Abe,s frozen cousin,Davis. But Bart gets distracted and accidentally trips and lands in a Cyrogenic freezer which he accidentally activates and is frozen for 30 Years. When his freezer controls malfunction,he unfreezes and ends up in an alternate Springfield,where Nelson Muntz is now Mayor. The view surprises Bart and he rushes down the street to Professor Frink,s Lab while being chased by Flying Robot Cops with Laser Cannons for arms. He gets into Frink,s time machine and,because it,s indestructible,it works,sending Bart back right before he is frozen. He Manages to save Himself before he is frozen,but then another Bart appears in an identical time machine and then another Bart in a time machine,then another And another,Etc.,until the whole screen is covered with Bart Clones.

Pizza MutationsEdit

Homer quits his job at the Springfield nuclear power plant and gets a job as a Pizza boy,but since the Pizzeria already has a Pizza Boy for the day,he would deliver pizzas at Night. On Homer,s first delivery that night,the Pizza box floats up and Then slams itself in Homer,s face several times. Homer Screams and Runs all the way back to the Pizzeria to tell his story to the boss. The Boss doesn't believe him and Fires him. The next day,he gets a second chance,but then that night,The same thing happens and Homer is Fired again. The NEXT Day,Homer gets his last chance. That night,nothing happens and Homer reaches the person,s house. But the he realizes that millions of boxes of Pizza are surrounding him. They leap onto him and The Tomato sauce turns into lava,which causes Homer to Burn up. A Girl answers the door,only to find a skeleton and several burnt pizza boxes on the front Lawn.

When Hats AttackEdit

At Midnight,a Blue moon strikes,causing all the Hats in Springfield to turn evil. The first hat to turn evil is Bart's Baseball cap,which grows Razer blades and chops up Bart in his sleep. Then Lisa wakes up to Bart,s screaming. She goes into Bart,s room to observe,only to find him chopped up into Tortilla like pieces. Then Lisa,s Brown Hat comes in with a Pistol attached to it and then it shoots Lisa and she dies. Marge,s Nightcap grows a mouth and eats Marge,s head off. Homer wakes up to see this and then he grabs maggie and they run out of the house. Several other hats from the neighborhood homes fly out the window and chase Homer and Maggie down the street. One of the Hats successfully attacks Maggie and eats her,While Homer runs faster. He jumps off a cliff with the Hats following. then the screen turns black. White text comes up. It says "This was 4 months ago. And Homer or the hats have never been heard since". Then in Blood,"The End?" Fades into scene.

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