July 1, 2014
Hip hop, pop
Shameka Brown, Amanda Simpson, Bart Simpson, Samantha Drake

 Twerk is a single by Bart Simpson. The beat and chorus lyrics samples the song of the same name by American rapper Lady. Featuring guest vocals from LaQuaria Ghetti and wife Rapsta Chik. The song replaced "The One" as the first single from his fifth album, the song will premier on evening radio on June 15.


(chorus: LaQuaria Ghetti)

He like it when I make this ass vibrate (twerk)

Bend it over make, make this thing shake (twerk)

He like it when I twerk it

So Imma twerk it

Imma twerk it

Yeah im gon twerk it

(verse 1: Bart)

Yeah, girl bend it over

Twerk twerk

Twerk it so hard, make the boys go crazy

You a wild chick no one can tame you

All that ass bumping will make you famous

Twerk like you never ever done it before

Make me go nuts, rubbing my eyes twice

Girl come on, make it pop pop pop

Twerk twerk twerk till the daylight yeah

(chorus: LaQuaria)

(verse 2: Rapsta)

I see my man stare at my as I pop my pussy

I see the girls looking so jealous at me

Bitches, imma bad bitch, imma snatch yo weave

I dont give a fuck if you looking and you staring

I got my man by my side, he looking at my booty

Twerking till the morning

Twerkin it like Miley

Imma twerk twerk twerk, bitches you can shut the fuck up

(chorus: LaQuaria)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released on July 6, 2014. All rappers are seen in different locations, LaQuaria's scenes were shot at a poolside in Miami, Simpson's scenes were shot at his Springfield apartment, and Rapsta's were shot at Moe's Tavern, where it was briefly renamed "Twerk Tavern" to celebrate the release of the video.

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