UR 2 L8 (Remix)


May 1, 2014
Pop, hip hop
Isla Chan, Amanda Simpson
Max Martin

 UR 2 L8 is the fourth and single from Isla Chan's debut album It's Isla (2014). The remix featuring Rapsta Chik replaced another song on the album featuring Chik. A second remix featuring Rachel Layton was leaked on May 7, 2014. It was released on iTunes on the same day. The video the song was praised, but some people believed Chan was not actually dancing on a car and she faked it, however Chan denied those rumours when she revealed she and Chik were injured on set, with Chan falling off the car and Chik getting a shock from a snapped camera wire. The remix featuring Layton is known as "UR 2 L8 (Pt. 3)". As of June 18, 2014, "UR 2 L8" is her highest charting single. On September 14, 2014 another remix called "UR 2 L8 (Pt. 4)" was released featuring both Chik and Layton.


(intro: Rapsta Chik)

Uh huh

It's Rapsta Chik

Isla Chan


Lets go

(Verse 1: Isla)

Remember back when I had you

On my computer

Now your off my files

I don't wanna see your face now

Your like a ghost now

But I still see you

Glimpses of your face go

Around the town but

I never wanna be back

With you again

With you ooh ooh


You come back asking for a second chance

But I'm all moved on

And you know that you are

(just too late for my love)

(you're too late for my love)

(just too late for my love)

Your too late

Too late yeah

(verse 2: Rapsta)

It's Rapsta Chik


Let's go

You better know that I can't be around you

Your too late and I'm sorry that

I didn't return your calls

It's just i'm too fucking good

When I dont worry bout you

Rapsta Chikie

Is moved on too good

Ain't ashamed to cover hickies

But I was when I was with you

And the best thing to do

Is for you too move

I had 100 problems

Without you

They back to 99

You said I rap like Eminem

Did you think that was an insult?

Female Eminem is a compliment

Just call me Femme-inem

I think you should just leave

Before you get me super peeved

You no longer my curse

No other guy can be worse

I feel bad for any girl who goes near you

But you aint my problem, bitch!

(chorus: Isla Chan)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released on May 6, 2014. It featured Isla dancing on the hood of a car for her parts. While Rapsta rapped her remix verse in black and white while the words appeared around her.


It was later revealed Isla was injured on the set as during the first day she fell off the hood of the car and got a concussion. Isla was fine the next day and continued filming, but had to wear a wig to hide the injury the concussion gave her. Rapsta was also injured on set as the camera wire snapped and brushed against her leg, giving her an electric shock. Chik's leg was numb for the rest of the day and shooting was finished early.

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