U Make Me


July 5, 2014
Dance-pop, House
Sia Furler, Helena Fasesha
David Guetta

U Make Me is a single by British singer Helena Fasesha, featuring and written by Australian singer songwriter Sia Furler. Furler wrote the song and recorded a demo produced by twice collaborator French DJ David Guetta. Guetta and Furler presented the demo to Fasesha. Fasesha agreed to record it and they worked on the lyrics. Fasesha said that while she was recording the final version she thought of her daughter Anika. When the final version, produced by Guetta and featuring guest vocals by Furler was finished, Fasesha immediately fell in love with the song. On June 18, 2014, Fasesha posted a link to the song on SoundCloud in a tweet saying "Guess what the next single is!". An hour later the official audio was released to Fasesha's VEVO account.


(Verse 1: Fasesha)

When I first saw your face

I fell in love so hard

You have no, idea what you do to me

You make me feel, like i'm

The only girl on this Earth

Together, we make each other alive


You make me feel, so nice, so nice today

You make me feel, so nice, so nice today

You make me feel happy, you make me feel alive

You make me feel so happy that I could die

You make me feel, so nice, so nice today

(instrumental break)

(verse 2: Sia)

When i'm down, when i'm sad

I just think of you

And I realise, life is worth living

I run around the world in 80 days

Just to see that smile on your face

I just love, the way you make me feel

The way you make me feel

(chorus: Sia and Helena)


(outro: Helena)

When I first saw your face

I fell in love so hard

You have no, Idea what you do to me

Yeah yeah yeah

Music VideoEdit

The music video was released on June 19, 2014 without any prior notice. Fasesha said the filming began in April as "U Make Me" was the original second single, before it was replaced by "Queen".


The video was filmed in Fasesha's apartment. It featured Fasesha walking around her apartment singing, before she turned off the lights and shined colourful spotlights at a disco ball. Fasesha pressed a button on a remote and Sia appeared on a large screen on her wall. As Fasesha and Sia sing, Fasesha dances around the room. At the outro she turned the lights back on and Sia's screen off. And she picked up her baby daughter Anika and rocked her to sleep.

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