"Undefined Lines"


August 31, 2013
CD single, digital download, 12" vynil, 7" vynil
Pop rock, jazz rap, dance-pop

"Undefined Lines" is a song by Helena Fasesha written for the 2013 film Black Soul, released as the film's soundtrack lead single on August 31, 2013, alongside a cover of Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" as the song's b-side. A 30-second snippet was released on August 12 alongside more information about the film, while the complete version was uploaded to Helena Fasesha's VEVO account on August 31.


On August 12, 2013, Young Prince posted a 30-second snippet of the song to his Soundcloud account, revealing it would be released as the film's soundtrack lead single on August 31. Helena Fasesha revealed a day after "Undefined Lines" was one of her favorite tracks recorded for the film's soundtrack, and that she was happy the crew had chosen it as the film's lead single.

Live performancesEdit

Fasesha and Prince performed the song together for the first time at the iTunes Festival 2013, during Young Prince's set.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Undefined Lines" (Helena Fasesha)
  2. "Dirty Laundry" (Helena Fasesha)


Verse 1
Then I'm gonna tell the story of a young black girl
Everywhere she went she was put into shame
They didn't care about her inside, only saw the way she looked
Then after some days she tried to suicide
Couldn't see the value of her own short life
After being rescued she found love in him, a boy, the truth
Whenever they tell her "See through the lines"
She says she cannot even try
But more and more she's getting closer to
This undifined lines
They comin' to strike
They bring me to life
And they're changing my mind
Undefined lines
A secret to hide
But I can't control my feelings
Can't control my feelings (Undefined lines)
Lines, li-ines, lines, li-lines (Undefines lines) [x3]
But I can't control my feelings
Control my feelings
Verse 2
Once upon a time, after a little while
That black guy got to see the light
He found her on a dumpster almost dead at night
And found her inner superstar
Yesterday I was a girl afraid of myself
Then I got this sudden fame, got out of my shell
There was no one else to tell me I wasn't good enough
I just tried to keep on movin', going up and up
All this boys that try to f**k me, they don't know the truth
That one day I was a loser just like them, ooh ooh
They will never find me crying, not again, boo-hoo
I'm just gonna give a lesson to the haters, woo!
(Sax solo)
Chorus [x2]

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