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Unicorn a.k.a Unicorn (With One Horn) is a song by Rapsta Chik (featuring Ke$ha), Rapsta once revealed that she would release two collabs with Ke$ha, one is a remix of You Die Now and another is called Unicorn (With One Horn), the video was shot on January 27 2013 but Rapsta had to wear a belt around her stomach to hide the fact that she was 3 months pregnant at that time. 



When i was in school i said i had a unicorn

then all my pals just laughed laughed

i brought it in one day

the still laughed laughed

that creature was not a horse

with an ice cream on its head

but then my beautiful 'corn just said to me...

(Ke$ha) (x2)

You gotta let your unicorn

me with one horn

you gotta let me ride off.

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