Va Va Voom is a song by Rapsta Chik, it is a cover of the song by Nicki Minaj.


Verse 1

Just met a boy just met a boy when

He could come inside my playpen

Cause he look like a superstar in the making so I think I'm going in for the taking

Hear through the grapevine that he caking

We could shoot a movie he could do the taping

A boom boom pow this thing be shaking

I ain't gonna find out who he dating


Cause I know he got a wife at home

But I need just one night alone

If he keeps playing the g-g-games

I'm a runaway hey I'm a runaway hey hey


I-I-I wanna give u one last option

I-I-I wanna give you one last chance

I-if your looking for the main attraction

Just hold on tight and let me do my dance

If you want it I'm gonna be va va voom voom

If you got it you got it you got that boom boom

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