Victim is a song by Rapsta Chik, produced by and featuring, Rapsta premiered it with at Rappz, Chik confirmed the single to be released November 4, 2013, with her fifth album due out early Feburary 2014. The single was supposed to be the lead single from the album, but was moved to the second single due to a song on the album being leaked.

LyricsEdit vic-vic-vic-vic-vic-vic-victim (x2), introducing Rapsta Chik.

(beat break)

Verse 1: Rapsta Chik

Honey, this my shit

I've been searching for a hit

I put my poison in your food

You're a victim of my love

And when the air is clear

That's when I need you here

To spray you with love poison

But I'm immune to it

You big


Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, victim

Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss, victim.

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