&nbsp Walking With My Son Shine is a fan made Simpsons episode. It will air alongside Love at Second Sight.


After watching a B grade 70's action movie, Bart and Lisa watch an add advertising Parent Week, where you have to nominate the Best Parent. Rod and Todd then nearly get run over by a car but Flanders saves them. Mr Burns exits the car singing various pop songs dancing around. Smithers is concerned about his odd behaviour.

At the Power Plant the mysterious Mr Burns reveals he is Mr Burns father and is still alive due to prescription pills. He explains how he faked his death and how he lived in Roswell in an old desert home. At the Best Parent Awards Mr Burns's father runs away after all the publicity. Flanders receives the award and Homer is jealous. Smithers takes Mr Burns place due to Mr Burns and his father moving to Roswell, accidentally he leaves his pills behind.

They arrive at Mr Burns fathers old home which is now a movie prop and is set on fire. Mr Burns father is burnt and sent to hospital. The next day due to not taking his pills he dies. A depressed Mr Burns mourns then leaves Roswell and returns to Springfield. Mr Burns decides to keep his fathers memory alive by holding an event in memory of his father but a Meltdown occurs at the Springfield Power Plant and Mr Burns must stop to save it.

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