July 22, 2014
Power pop, dance
Amara van Hersan

Wallpaper is a single by Amara. It is the fifth official single from her second studio album Physical. Amara wrote and produced the song herself, and decided to release "Wallpaper" as a single because it is her favorite song from the album, and one of her favorite songs she ever wrote (along with "A" featuring Rapsta Chik). It is Amara's most powerful song that she has done. On July 5, 2014, the single artwork and release date was revealed, the artwork was designed in Microsoft Paint and then Amara took a photo of it with her phone for texture. On August 2, 2014, the official remix featuring American rapper Kendrick Lamar was released.


(verse 1)

I'm lying in my living room

Bottles on the ground

Smoke in the air

Scratches, on the wall

No light, living in the dark

I'm so depressed

Just lying there

No love, no light

(pre chorus)

I dont know what to do

Everything reminds me of you

How could you just leave like that

No goodbye, no goodbye


I'm gonna rip down the wallpaper

It reminds me of you

I'm gonna get, over you tonight

Over you tonight

I'm gonna throw you out of my life

Out of my life

I'm gonna rip down the wallpaper

Get you out of my brain

(verse 2)

I gotta stop living in the past

I gotta get you out of my brain

I need to get you out my life

(pre chorus)



Why did you leave me like that

Why did you just walk out the door

Why didnt you tell me that it was over

Why, why, why

(chorus x2)

Music VideoEdit

After the cancellation of her video "Someday In Our Lives" featuring Young Prince, Amara has confirmed she will make up for it with a very powerful video for Wallpaper, shot in London, directed by Director X and Amara. She says it will be a video similar to Ludacris's "Runaway Love". On July 8, 2014 a teaser introducing two women named Trina and Jade (played by Katie Holmes and Natalie Imbruglia) and a caption saying "This is their lives". The video was finally released on July 11, 2014.


It begins with the introduction to Trina (Holmes). It shows Trina sitting at the dining table cutting up a burger while her abusive boyfriend shouts at her, Trina all of a sudden has a burst of anger and pushes her boyfriend across the table. As the line "I'm gonna rip down the wallpaper" is sung, Trina tears it down and drives off in her car. Amara is seen for the first time in the video as she is seen at a red light, with the song playing from her car stereo. Amara looks beside her and sees Trina in the car next to her crying, Amara gives Trina a look of sympathy as the light turns green. Jade (Imbruglia) is doing the laundry while her boyfriend screams at her, as the chorus begins again she rips the wallpaper again. She is seen walking down the street as she cries, Amara makes her second appearance as she is walking down the street listening to the song, and passes her. Amara crosses the road but looks back and gives Jade a look of sympathy, then misses getting hit by a car. At the end of the video Jade and Trina meet up at a bar and hug, revealing that they are friends. Amara orders a drink as her fiance DJ TRAKZ surprises her with flowers. The video fades black as Jade and Trina walk down the street together.

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