We Gon Party


June 11, 2014
Hip hop, electro pop
Isla Chan, William Adams, Richard Brooks, Felicia Brooks, Amanda Simpson
Producers, Young Prince

We Gon Party is a single by Isla Chan featuring It was originally recorded for Chan's debut album, but was scrapped. It was released on June 11 to celebrate Chan's birthday (June 12), but this confused fans as sources previously stated that her birthday was July 12, but after the song was released Chan confirmed that a mistake was made and she didn't notice. The music video was released on the same day. Critics had mixed reviews, some loved the song and video and called it a great birthday celebration song, and praised will.i.ams contributions, while some said the songs lyrics were too similar to Kesha's Die Young and the song would be better for Iggy Azalea.




Isla Chan, Chan

And Willy, willy, willy, William

We gon party party party

Party like its the last day

Party party party

Party like its the end

(verse 1: Isla)

We gon party, We gon party

Like tomorrow isnt happening

We gon dance-ah, we gon dance-ah

Like the world is ending

We gon rave, gonna rave

Until we go to our graves

We won't stop, we can't stop

Not even from the cops

Do you wanna, do you wanna

Dance with me tonight

I want you, I want you

To end the night with me tonight

You're hot, im hot

Were the perfect couple

This maybe, the drink talking

But I want you in my room tonight

oh, we gonna party (x16)


Dance forever, dance forever

Not gonna stop, we dont care yeah

Not stopping yeah, never stopping yea

We gonna dance, party, ra-ave

Cmon get up

Cmon dance up

Dont just sit there

Come on baby

Come on honey

We gonna dance like its all over

(verse 2: Isla)

We gon party, we gon party

Like tomorrow doesnt exist

We gon dance-ah, we gon dance-ah

Not gonna stop to take a piss

Don't wanna stop, never stop

So keep the flame burning

Woah oh, woah oh

We never gonna stop tonight

We gon party, around the world

Spain to Italy

We gon party, in the cities

L.A. to New York-ork

Life fast, die young

We never gonna stop

We are dancing, so hard

Until we die young

Oh, we gonna party (x18)

(chorus 2: Isla)

We gonna dance, we gon party

We gonna dance like we dont give a fu-uck

We dont care, we dont care

Yeah we dont care care care

I got my dollars, im gonna holla

Im gonna holla, till my voice gets sore

Im gonna dance yeah, we gonna dance yeah

Like its the end of our world

(outro: Isla)

Imma shout and holla

Imma move and groove it

Imma go put my hands up

Every body put your hands up

Gonna put my hands up

Let me see your hands up

Let me see those motherfucking hands in the air (air air air)

(instrumental outro)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released on June 11, 2014, and was directed by himself. It featured Isla dancing infront of a white background, with will.i.ams scenes featuring him on the background, and some with Isla's elbow on his shoulder. Through the video Isla goes through approximately 32 costume changes and 19 different hairstyles, Isla said her favorite look from the video was the Marilyn Monroe wig and outfit that appeared during the second verse, while liked her denim shorts and oversized T-Shirt look.

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