Who Needs Ralph?
Sung by:
Homer, Carl, Lenny, Moe, Barney, Chief Wiggum

Who Needs Ralph? is a song sung by Homer, Barney, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Carl, and Lenny in The Simpsons Movie 2: Treehouse of Horror.


Chief Wiggum: I just can't believe he's gone... little Ralphy... gone! [cries]

Homer: Look at it this way, Chief... [jumps up on top of tabel top] Who needs Ralph?

Lenny: Not me!

Carl: Not me!

Barney: Not me!

Chief Wiggum: Homer, this isn't helping...

Homer: Who ever liked that annoying turd?

Moe: The kid who even got picked on by the nerds?

Barney: Not me!

Carl: Not me!

Lenny: Not me!

Moe: Who needs Ralph?

Homer: Who needs Ralph?

Lenny: Who needs Ralph?

Carl: Who needs Ralph?

Barney: What's this about Alf?

Homer: Who needs Raaaaaaalph?!?!

Carl: I always though that he was annoying!

Lenny: All this singing is starting to get boring!

Everyone besides Wiggum: Who... needs... Raaaaaaalph?!?!?

Chief Wiggum: I... need... Raaaalph... [starts crying again]

Moe: Great, we did all that singing for nothing.

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