"Without Me"


December 8, 2013
Digital Download
Power pop, rap
Livin' Life
Amara van Helsan, Stefani Germanotta, Jordan Houston
Cirkut, Dr Luke

 "Without Me" is the fourth single from Amara 's debut album A . it features guest vocals from American singer Lady Gaga and rapper Juicy J. It replaced "Amara's Rap (Motherfucker)" as the fourth single. The lyrics are about suffering from depression when you find out an ex has moved on from your break-up so quickly. The song is a departure from Amara's provocative previous releases.


(Verse 1: Amara)

Heart beats

Like an 808

You know that

I hate

When you go and dont tell me why (ay)

When it happened

I felt like

My face

Had been slapped

Now I see you with that girl


And my heart breaks so bad 

And tears go down my face

But that's okay



I know you'll be happy

With or without me

But I love you

I just thought you should know

Now I feel like

I'm drowning in sorrow and whiskey

But I know

You're happy without me

(Verse 2; Lady Gaga)

When I saw you

With little miss shit

I felt I had been hit

By 4x4

(Bridge: Lady Gaga)

(Chorus; Gaga and Amara)

(Verse 3: Juicy J)



When i saw with that guy

I got depressed

Did'nt know what path to follow

I rapped but the pain didn't go away

I drowned in my beer

But now i'm over this

Im rappin with

Amara and G-G-Gaga

Girl now i realise you were a fucker

you ever loved

you moved on quickly

But im over you know bitch

(Chorus: Amara)

Music VideoEdit

A video for the song was released on December 1, 2013. The video parodies elements from Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe, Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball and Katy Perry's Roar. The video starts with Amara standing on one leg with one in the air throught the entire first verse (parodying Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoes). During the chorus she swings on a vine (parody of the Roar video), during the second verse Gaga sings crying infront of the camera (Wrecking Ball parody) and Amara then swings on a wrecking bal dring the chorus (further parodying Wrecking Ball).

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