X-Rated is a single by Bart Simpson , featuring guest vocals by LaQuaria Ghetti, Rapsta Chik and K-Dog. It is apparently a remake of H20DELIRIOUS's song "Delirious Outta My Mind" (changing the chorus from "i'm delirious outta my mind" to "i'm x-rated outta my  mind").


(intro: Rapsta)





LaQuaria, Rapsta and the return of...



(Chorus x2 - bart)

I'm x rated outta my mind

i'm x rated outta my mind

i'm x rated outta my mind

i'm x-rated outta my mind

(verse 1-Bart)


i was born and raised in springfield

Raised by a great mom and fat dad

i thought we were the most

weirdest family on the planet

Now i married Amanda

We have two kids

how many you got nigga

You hate, well at least i got a wife

At lest i aint married to my right hand (burn)

I do all sorts of things to my beautiful wife

some good some bad she can take a lot

i know im x rated on my own

but together we better than a porn stack

(Chorus x2:Bart)

(Verse 2: Laquaria)


I'm feisty

I'm funny

And my raps as fast as bullet train

But yeah

I got other talents


I don't have a cock for you to suck

So you can kiss my clitoris

And I can make you (uh) in one minute

Bitches better back off

Cause this my boy

Now Laquaria gonna

pleasure you up

cause im Rated X

(chorus: Laquaria)

(verse 3: Rapsta )

Uh, Rapsta Chik here

Gettin busy here

And yeah Bart's right

we get sexy now

But it's special

He dont want no trouble

and he don't wanna cuddle

he just wanna get fucked up

Deyem bitches better back of

You can't beat Chik just ask my cousin

(chorus: Rapsta & K-Dog)

(outro x2: K-Dog)

You better come closer

Come closer baby

Better come closer

Babe yeah

I think your sexy baby

Wanna get X-Rated baby

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