YOLO B*TCH is a single by Bart Simpson and Amara . It is to be the first single off the re-release of his album Feelin' Alive . The single is released December 16, 2013.


(Chorus: Amara)

You only live

One time

So come on dance

It might be the last time

Make it move

Shake it so hard

Be like Billy Ray's daughter

And shake your ass hard

YOLO bitches

You only live once

YOLO bitches

You only live once make the most of it

(beat break)

(Verse 1: Bart)

You wanna die unexpectedly

You probably have somewhere to be

Or someone to be

If you wanna be like me and dance in the sea

You gotta watch out for sharks

And keep away from danger

Just dance bitch dance

Shake it hard

Your dying

Every second you waste you'll never get back

So dance until you die

Or you'll regret it


(chorus then beat break: Amara)

Music VideoEdit

A music video was released on December 9, 2013. It featured Bart and his friends at a bar throwing beers against the wall. Amara is show doing crazy things on the streets with her friends (Rapsta Chik and Helena Fasesha have cameos are her friends).

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