You Die now is a single by Rapsta Chik, it is the second single from Ceramic Doll, the extended remix features a verse at the end by Ke$ha.


Verse 1

Hey yo

I was gone for one sec

But when I came back

I saw you kissing a girl from a club

I hit you

Then we had a fight

I hit you again and again

Then we broke up

It was brutal


I saw the texts and number on your Nokia

So i called that hoebag up

Told her I'm coming over

And said "bitch you die now"


You die now

You die now

Yes I'm gonna bring a gun

Or a big knife

You die now

Yes you die now bitch

You die now

Music Video Edit

The video is set in Western times, Rapsta (as a cowgirl) breaks up with her boyfriend when she catches him kissing another cowgirl, the girl and Rapsta get into a western "this town ain't big enough for the two of us" style gunfight and Rapsta kills the girl and the video ends with Rapsta blowing smoke off her gun.

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