You Love Me


April 17, 2014
Piano ballad
Amanda Simpson

 You Love Me is the third single from Rapsta Chik's self titled sixth album. It is a piano ballad featuring piano playing by Amara. In late 2013 a picture of Rapsta and her twin children was uploaded to Instagram, it was revealed the song she was recording was You Love Me. A remix of the track was leaked online by Martin Garrix on the same day a remix of Helena Fasesha's Loud was released on iTunes


(verse 1)

I remember our first date

At the beach

Down by the sea

I remember your proposal

Diamond ring

Shining in the sun

I know how much I love you

And i know you love me too


You love me


And the love is perfect

Life can only be lived

If you feel like your living

I know I love you

And that will never change

It's time to make it now

You love me

(verse 2)

We may have had our rough patches

But we made it through

Me and you

Two kids and a family

Thats all we need

To live

I know how much I love

I know you love me too



I know your my baby

I know i'm your baby

You love me and our babies

I want this moment forever

Stay by my side baby

I need you to stay baby

I want you here baby


(chorus x2)

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