Young Prince, Low Price is the debut album by American rapper Young Prince released on December 11, 2012. It was released through the record label Young Life Records. It produced the chart-topping singles "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch" and "Low Price" which featured the Simpson siblings, as well as "Gimme My Muny".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Phuck Yo"
  2. "Low Price" (feat. Bart Simpson)
  3. "Chart-topper King" (feat. Jane Mik)
  4. "Tomorrow Night"
  5. "Gimme My Muny"
  6. "Can't Wait" (feat. Sarah Simpson)
  7. "Kill Da Bitch" (feat. Joshua Riverra)
  8. "I Feel Good"
  9. "Mr. Wrong"
  10. "Get You"
  11. "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch" (feat. Sarah Simpson)
  12. "The Fuckin End"

Deluxe edition bonus tracksEdit

  13. "Get High" (feat. Sarah Simpson and Nelson Muntz)
  14. "Damn"
  15. "Feels So Good"
  16. "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch (Young Life Remix)" (feat. Sarah SimpsonBart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten)

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