Zero Fucks Given
October 8, 2014
Pop, soul, hip hop
Isla Chan, Ashley Simpson
Young Prince, Max Martin

Zero Fucks Given is a single by American-Chinese singer Isla Chan, featuring American singer Ashley Simpson. The song is the third single from Chan's second album Over. The song impacted radio on October 8, 2014, with the video premiering on MTV on the same day. The song will be performed solo by Simpson on the Princess Tour. Chan died in a car accident on March 26, 2016, one year later an album by her record label Livin' Life Records was released titled "Isla", which contained covers of all of her singles, A cover of "Zero Fucks Given" by Amara and Helena Fasesha was released as the lead single.

Lyrics Edit

(chorus: Chan)

You say you are sorry

Say you have changed

But I know the truth

And I don't give a fuck

Zero fucks given

I don't give a, do not give a fuck

Zero fucks given

I dont give a, do not give a fuck

(verse 1)

I remember back when you met me

Come back from college and you were so polite

The girls said you have a reputation

But they did not say that it was a bad one

(pre-chorus: Simpson)

I walked in

Saw you with her

You a cheater (gasps)

I don't want you

I never want you back

Youre gonna get it

(chorus: Chan)

(verse 2: Simpson)

You saying that it didn't mean anything

I saw the texts on your phone (spoken: Bitch please!)

I know you love me imma let you suffer

You lost the only one who mattered to you (spoken: come on Isla)


Music videoEdit

The video was released October 8, 2014. It shows Chan and Simpson chair dancing with a flame background during the choruses. During the first verse, Chan dances with silk sheets doing a Bollywood style routine, During Simpson's verse, Simpson sings while driving down a busy road in a pink Mustang, she drives into any obstacle in her way in a fit of rage. The video ends with Chan and Simpson twerking during the final chorus.

Amara and Helena Fasesha version Edit

Zero Fucks Given
March 25, 2016
Hip house (single version)

Acoustic (video version)
Isla Chan, Ashley Simpson
DJ TRAKZ, LewisLoud

Amara and Helena Fasesha covered "Zero Fucks Given" for the Isla Chan covers album "Isla", the song was released as the lead single on March 25, 2016. The cover was a lot different from the original song, and is a hip house version produced by DJ TRAKZ and LewisLoud. An acoustic version of the cover also premiered online the same day and was used for the music video, but isn't featured on any album or single.

Music Video Edit

A music video was released for the cover, it began with a clip from Isla's original video for the song, then cut to Amara and Helena in the studio, singing the acoustic version of the song.

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